Creating an Experience That Sells

My friends Mary and Elias drove me down from the Cloud forest mountain town of Monte Verde to the Pacific coast here in Costa Rica and they insisted we stop in the More »

Backpacking Information on East Timor

Population: 857,000 (UN, 2005) Capital: Dili Area: 14,609 sq km (5,641 sq miles) Major languages: Tetum and Portuguese (official), Indonesian and English (working languages) Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: 56 years (women), More »

Memorably Romantic Date

Make a good impression. Before asking your lady love out, plan your date carefully. Ask around about romantic date ideas that worked for them and visualize what would happen if you did More »

Recommendations From the Best Online Diets

Let’s go ahead and get the juicy details on 3 things the best online diets recommend: 1. Leave off the sauces. – Yup, I know this is one hard thing to do More »

Three Shopping Malls in Makati For Tourists

The biggest and the best malls in the whole Philippines are within its financial and economic capital, Makati City. And today we will discover the top 3 shopping malls in Makati and More »

Memorably Romantic Date

Make a good impression. Before asking your lady love out, plan your date carefully. Ask around about romantic date ideas that worked for them and visualize what would happen if you did the same (for a specific situation). You may have noticed that dating ideas that work are those that don’t seem contrived, that appear natural. If you have dated your intended more than once, you may already be aware of what she likes or dislikes. On the other hand if you don’t, make sure to do your research and learn as much as you can about her that you can use when setting up your date. What details would be helpful when selecting from romantic date ideas? These include: her favourite colour, flowers, brand of chocolates, restaurant and interests.

After knowing the answers to these basic questions that you can get from people close to her or from personal observations, you are then ready to choose from those relevant dating ideas. Knowledge is power. Below are some dating ideas you can apply and customize, based on what you have learned from your research.

Book a Romantic Dinner

The Best Romantic Restaurants

If you’re thinking about the perfect romantic getaway, think about Bali. They say that Bali is the break-up island, but that’s not the case at all. Myths about love hitches in Bali have been debunked, and you can splendidly enjoy your romantic vacation in Bali. Isn’t it a wonderful place to ignite the fires of your love and togetherness?

Bali is a city with a laid back atmosphere. You can revel in its dreamy landscapes. In South Bali, you can go a bit farther to the beach town of Seminyak. It is the next town located at the north of Legian. You’ll be engrossed in the luxurious ambiance of Seminyak. As another top scenic and tourist spot in Bali, Seminyak is more uptown and fashionable. You’ll find high-end spas and boutiques in Seminyak, considering that it is Bali’s shopping capital. At daytime, you can relax at the beach. It’s quieter at that time. But what makes Seminyak more attractive to locals and tourists alike are the high-end restaurants. Bring your dearest to wine and dine in Seminyak. It’s the perfect place to nurture your affections and passions for each

Top Restaurants

The Best Lechon at Rico’s Lechon

Located at Highway 77, Talamban in Cebu City is Rico’s Lechon, a restaurant where you’ll find the best-tasting, most flavorful lechon (roasted pig) in the country.

It’s so good, it’s known to be ordered, flown and enjoyed in Manila by its rich and moneyed residents. This surprises no one because this whole pig is roasted slowly over an even spread of open charcoal to ensure it comes out completely golden brown when done. Its glistening skin is fantastically crispy people nearby hear the crunch when you bite it.

Lechon Cebu at Rico’s Lechon is prepared using green onions, local salt harnessed from the sea, organic lemon grass, peppers and other home grown herbs and spices which gives it a full flavor in itself requiring no sauce or dip unlike with the traditional Filipino lechon.

Crispy Pata at Alejandro’s Filipino Resto

It is bruited about as the most popular, most delicious Crispy Pata (Deep-fried Pig’s thigh) in the whole of Cebu. It must be. Alejandro’s at the Century Plaza Commercial center on

Creating an Experience That Sells

My friends Mary and Elias drove me down from the Cloud forest mountain town of Monte Verde to the Pacific coast here in Costa Rica and they insisted we stop in the beach town of Manuel Antonio.

I feel in love with this place immediately!

I also fell for an experience that I want to share with you because it is a classic teaching example on how you can “create an experience that sells” and attract more clients to your business.

Half way to the beach we drove past a restaurant called “El Avion” with, you guessed it… an AIRPLANE in it! Ouuuuu how curious that made me, I wanted to go and check it out.

The restaurant sat a top the mountainside with a sweeping view of the blue, blue ocean. I invited my friends to stop for lunch there. Now this is a pretty tourist town with at least 100 resto’s to chose from, but it was the airplane restaurant that won our wallet that day.

The food was alright, nothing extravagant really except the prices!

And here in lies the lesson… this restaurant beautifully “created an experience that sells”

Backpacking Information on East Timor

  • Population: 857,000 (UN, 2005)
  • Capital: Dili
  • Area: 14,609 sq km (5,641 sq miles)
  • Major languages: Tetum and Portuguese (official), Indonesian and English (working languages)
  • Major religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 56 years (women), 54 years (men) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: 1 US dollar = 100 cents

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is one of a few countries who have not always had it easy, and to this moment still remains shaky. Overshadowed by the repute of neighbouring countries, Timor-Leste neither suffers nor benefits from the international media, and with a freshly self-determined nation and underdeveloped tourism industry, the new republic has a rocky but bright road ahead. East Timor is the first new sovereign state of the 21st century. After having been assaulted with violence and control by Indonesia for almost a quarter of a century, Timor-Leste has definitely seen better days.

What remains hidden to the world’s eyes is East Timor’s rich cultural heritage from tens of thousands of years of civilizations and culture, enriched and given more depth and flavour by 4 centuries of Portuguese colonial occupation. The Land of Discovery, Timore-Leste just 400 miles to the north of Australia, is an inviting peace of secretive mystery with lots of treasures in

Recommendations From the Best Online Diets

Let’s go ahead and get the juicy details on 3 things the best online diets recommend:

1. Leave off the sauces. – Yup, I know this is one hard thing to do and tough to resist as I can only imagine. You might want to think of sauces and their counterparts (gravies, toppings, grated cheese and dressings) as globs of fat that are placed over otherwise nutritious foods. Well, if you really thought about it, in many cases they are precisely that. Lets take a baked potato for example. Taken by itself it has relatively few calories and high fiber content. Add rich toppings to it however, and the calorie count will most definitely soar.

2. Eat small meals regularly. – Frequent eating is actually a good rule to follow and most of the best online diets are in favor of it. As long as the quantity is small each time you eat, its actually more helpful than harmful. This is because hunger is never allowed to build to the “breaking point” – where you can no longer take it and dive in to every delectable treat in the fridge or in the fast food restos

Three Shopping Malls in Makati For Tourists

The biggest and the best malls in the whole Philippines are within its financial and economic capital, Makati City. And today we will discover the top 3 shopping malls in Makati and what it offers to anyone who wants to visit them.

Glorietta – The top in our list is Glorietta Malls. The main reason why it is in the top of our list is because in Glorietta, everything you need is within your reach. It is composed of 4 malls that are interconnected and the fifth one is detached from the 4 other malls but is just within walking distance from the other. Everything you want; from clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, to everything you need like foods, fresh produce, and others is all right here. It is also a famous tourist destination because of the many US restos and café that have their branches here like HardRock Café. Glorietta is also near MRT or Mass Rail Transit which is a more convenient way to go around Metro Manila. It is also a prime place for businesses and condominiums. One reviewer said that if there is a theme song for Glorietta Malls, it would be “Almost

Hong Kong Transit An Overnight Stop in Asia’s World City

After clearing customs and immigration, proceed to the luggage storage counter at the ‘Meeters and Greeters Hall’, where you can store your trolley or bag till you come back…

Buy an Octopus Card from the Airport Express Counter at the Arrivals Hall: This electronic stored-value card is accepted on most public transport and will make your life easier when traveling around Hong Kong as you won’t have to bother about small change…

Now you can hop on the Airport Express Train, with which you travel all the way to Hong Kong Station, or you can take a bus (A11/N11 travels to Causeway bay, Wanchai and Central – on Hong Kong Island, while A21/N21 travels to Mong Kok and Tsim sha Tsui – in Kowloon)

In Kowloon
The “Symphony of Lights” is a nightly orchestrated light, sound and laser show featured on 37 key buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbour. Awarded the world’s “Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records, this spectacle is staged nightly at 8:00 pm and is best viewed from Tsim sha Tsui’s Waterfront Promenade (you can also enjoy it from Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai, on Hong Kong Island).

Not too

Must-Try Restaurants In Boracay

It is not surprising for Boracay to be included in the popular vacation choices of local and foreign tourists. The island, considered as one of the prized treasures of the Philippines, is full of resort spots and entertaining bars for all kinds of tourists. Aside from its water activities and the premier white sand of the Boracay beach, one of the best things that can spice up your vacation experience is the food. Here are the four best restaurants that you should not miss in Boracay:

True Food Indian Cuisine

If you have a flair for authentic Indian food, True Food Indian Cuisine is your top choice. The restaurant provides a homey feel to your breakfasts, lunch-outs, snacks, or even dinners. The best Indian meals that you can enjoy here are Maseha Tare Ko, Mushroom Dopalza, and Chana Ki Dal. Are you a meat lover? In that case, you can choose the popular Tundori Chicken. Food prices range from 200 to 500 pesos, taxes inclusive.

True Food Indian Cuisine is located at Station 2 near White Beach. It is impossible to miss this very popular Indian restaurant.

Dos Mestizos

The Boracay Island is

All About Washington, DC Restaurants

Welcome to the Nation’s capitol! Yes, folks talk politics in this town like the rest of us talk about our sport’s teams. But they aren’t really that bad – the D.C. folk really do know how to loosen up those ties. D.C. is a town that loves its Happy Hour – a time when you can catch up with friends or meet new ones.

We saw you smuggle your after-work change of clothes into your cubicle so that you’re ready for the 5 o’clock bell. Go ahead, leave your car in the office garage – you can always cab it home or Metro it back to work the next morning.

Like most cities, Washington, D.C. is a collection of smaller neighborhoods (there are 14 of them), each having its own flavor and charm. Architecture and attitude changes from one block to the other, creating a cultural patchwork that can be fascinating for locals and tourists alike. The city has plenty of energy from all the politics, government, and colleges in town. From the Vietnamese places in Arlington, V.A. to the charming brownstones of Georgetown; from the urban feel of the Connecticut Corridor near Woodley Park and

Shoestring Guide to Hong Kong

If there is one thing I am good at it is living beyond my means.

Though not necessarily a commendable trait, it has made me a hardcore bargain hunter for everything – from food, to sleeping quarters, to clothes, to transportation.

I may not be rich, I must admit, but street smart– yes I am!

Based on my recent budget trip to Hong Kong, I have crafted a scheme so frugal it will make any Pinoy proud.

This is for all the wanderlusts, who are short on cash.

BUS = US$1.00 and up (depending on destination)

You will be amazed how cheap, well organized and safe it is to ride a bus in Hong Kong. There will always be a bus stop near you so spot that. DO NOT flag a bus in the middle of the road, it will squash you mercilessly! Always opt for the second deck seating for the best view.

DOUBLE DECKER TRAMWAY = US$.50 (flat rate)

Hong Kong’s cheapest mode of transportation!

Unfortunately the TRAM’s route only covers the Hong Kong Island side. But if you’re in the area you can go from

Hong Kong’s Swankiest Restaurants

Caprice is one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious and sought after restaurants. Located within the sumptuous Four Seasons hotel, the restaurant offers an unbeatable combination of beautiful decor, gorgeous harbor views, lovely atmosphere and, above all, Superb French food with a lighter touch…

This unsurpassed dinning experience is complemented by an impressive wine list (predominantly French wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy)

Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Central (Phone: 3196 8888)

Restaurant Petrus

Restaurant Petrus is one of Hong Kong’s best hotel restaurants and an internationally-known French gourmet institution…

The extremely elegant restaurant is located on Shangri-la’s 56th floor and offers breathtaking harbor views that can be competed only by those of Victoria Peak.

Very classic and luxurious design, with perfect table settings, heavy curtains and glittering chandeliers… Tranquil, elegant and romantic atmosphere and, above all, superb French cuisine, complemented by one of Asia’s most impressive wine collections.

Level 56, The Island Shangri-la hotel (Phone: 2820 8590)


Occupying the top floors of luxurious Peninsula hotel, this ultra stylish resto-bar features one of Hong Kong’s most sensational dining experiences, and is an excellent spot to see and to be seen…

The Daters And Singles Of Houston Do

Dating and singles in Houston, Texas are words matched in heaven. With active dating hot spots and equally active, gorgeous singles, Houston, Texas is indeed the place for love (lust?). Be reminded though that dating on an empty stomach is extremely dangerous. But don’t worry, Houston has the best places for all daters and singles out there. So grab a cowboy and enjoy a Houston night.

Rioja has always been the top choice for the dating and singles in Houston, Texas. After all, nothing is more romantic than a Spanish meal complete with paella and tapas washed down with fine – grade red wine. Plus, Rioja gives off a casual yet elegant vibe for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. However, if you and your date are not one of those dinner and talk types, you can strut your stuff at Sambuca. This top Houston bar offers sleek dining and good music. Six Degree Lounge is the place to see and be seen. What’s more, you’re sure to meet someone here if you’re single or if your date becomes unbearable. Another place where the dating and singles in Houston, Texas troop to is Ibiza, a Mediterranean-inspired resto and

My Top 10-List of Archeological Places

My Top 10-List of Archeological Places [sites] I’ve been to around the World [*indicates dates I was there] By Dennis L. Siluk

1–The Taj Mahal [in Agra, India]. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is beyond description, especially on a sunny morning with a little dew from the nearby river. A mausoleum, on the banks of the Yamuna River; it took 22-years to build, and 20,000 laborers. The riverfront is most inspiring. And the Town of Agra is worth a visit. There of course is a love story behind this monument, and you will have to seek it out if it interests you. If all I had seen was the Taj Mahal, on my trip to India, it would have been worth the long voyage. [*l997]

2–Giza, or more important, the pyramids of Egypt. We often only see three, but there are four worth ones noticing; the pyramid of Djoser, the oldest of the four pyramids, a stepped pyramid; in the sense of, one layer built over the other. This is northwest, and in the Saqqara site; I personally liked the tomb or pyramid of Cheops, north of Memphis on the plateau of Giza; among the

Reasons Why I Love the Fort Global City

There are hundred and one reasons why I absolutely love The Fort Global City. From the finest restaurants to cheap treats food stalls. From the hottest bars to lovely hang outs. But let me just list down the top five reasons why I do so.

o #5 – Three-wheeled E3 Vehicle

While everybody else are used to ride the ever famous tricycle (well, at least here at the Philippines), people that work or going from one place to another inside the Global City are using this as one of their transportation aside from The Fort Bus. This vehicle is very convenient for you’ll be able to see them everywhere inside the areas of place. Plus it is really enjoying especially for the first timers. Why? Aside from its multi-colored exterior, the fare is unbelievably economical and the engine is eco-friendly (It is battery operated and does not require fuel.). No wonder the place is very relaxing and pleasant, maybe because they’re supporting this environment friendly vehicles.

o #4 – S & R Grocery

I am really into eating BIG treats and I love how New York Pizza and Burger offer big and chunky chows.

Putting Up A Resto

My grandfather used to say that if you are planning to put up a business, always put up one that concerns food because they never come up empty handed. And its true, people always have to eat and somebody hungry is bound to find your restaurant sooner or later. In this article, we will discuss how to put up a restaurant business.

The first thing that you have to decide on that would be crucial to your restaurant would be the target customers. Would you go for the class A or the rich and famous who do not have to worry about maintaining a job? Or maybe you want to target the class B or the middle class. Or maybe you want to target the class D or the blue-collar types.

Once you have decided your target population, you could now find a suitable site or location for your restaurant. Of course, it is suitable to locate your restaurant at the business section of the city or town you are in. If you are targeting the class B to class C, then its suitable if your location is accessible from the street. It should be somewhere

Secrets to Premium Grilled Food

Despite the rapid upsurge of restaurants that serve grilled food in the metropolis and different provinces, Congo Grille remains to be one of the favorites of families and office yuppies since it holds the secret to premium grilled food. From a typical Filipino restaurant seven years ago, Congo Grille has gone global in terms of the food it serves which its loyal patrons would describe as first-rate, generous and affordable. “Compared to other grilling resto, we make it a point to add a premium on every serving. We serve the biggest portion of crispy pata and inihaw na pusit. You pay the same price but get a bigger portion or serving of the food that you order for,” explains Dex Frayco, kitchen operations manager of Congo Grille.

Each of the 240 items listed on Congo’s menu, most of which came from the customers, is guaranteed to satisfy three to four persons who need not worry about forking out big bucks.

“We have a ‘customer comment card’ which customers fill up whenever they dine at Congo. We consolidate their suggestions in our monthly meeting then we study whatever is predominant and improve that,” adds Frayco. Because of

Out In The Big Mango

As a traveler, my worst fear has always been that I’d find myself on some lee shore, far from home, dead broke, with no money, no traveler’s checks and useless credit cards. And to top it all no air ticket home or friends to lean on. It’s a nightmare that doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s never happened, but I dread it and to cover such a catastrophe I always travel with an emergency fund of last resort in the form of three gold coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, stashed in my belt.

As a writer, I’ve always been interested in coming across anyone who had experienced such an event. I’ve met only one. He was sitting on a shop front step some fifty meters from the Nana Skytrain Station on Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Road: not unusual for a farang in that notorious part of town and he barely registered as I descended the steps to the street. But as I passed by him, my eye caught the crude cardboard sign stating:


A tin cup stood by the sign. I paused in my stride. I put him around fifty five.

Raining Good Food in Delhi

It is rightly said that variety is a spice of life. In a country like India, one can find ample variety in various food specialties. From north to south, east to west, India is rich with agriculture, which has led to a greener India. This is one reason why Indians are big-time foodies. May it be the royal Rajsthani thali, the heavy and stuffing Punjabi cuisines or the authentic Hyderabadi biryanis, we can find all types of food varieties in India. But from the past few years we can see that restaurants now have a menu of not only the Indian food but as well as a menu for those who’d like to try out Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and American cuisines. So today I’ll be sharing a little trivia on some of best Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants of Delhi.

To start with the Chinese restaurants, then Buzz Punjabi Bagh, Yo! China and Noottee Resto and Lounge are taking the lead. Buzz Punjabi Bagh not only specializes in Chinese but has an ample variety of other menu like North Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Continental, Mediterranian and Japanese cuisines. Yo! China is said to be

Resto Other Category Of Sauce Pan

There can be a lot of indoor activities that can be made at home. But if you want to have a different kind of activity that you and your family can enjoy, and at the same time bond with each other, one of it is cooking together. This is actually not common among the family to do this kind of activity.

Most people are fans of cooking foods especially their favorite ones. Children are one of the fans of eating foods. And most of the children are fans of eating spaghetti. That is one of the most commonly cooked by their mothers for special occasions like a birthday party.

There are a lot of cooking wares that are commonly found in the kitchen. And with those cooking wares there are also different uses of it. One of these is a saucepan. Do you know what a saucepan is? Saucepan is a metal or enamel pan with a long handle and often a lid used for cooking food. This is also can be defined as a cooking vessel usually used on top of a stove. You can use sauce pan in many ways like frying, boiling, and