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Hong Kong’s Swankiest Restaurants

Caprice is one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious and sought after restaurants. Located within the sumptuous Four Seasons hotel, the restaurant offers an unbeatable combination of beautiful decor, gorgeous harbor views, lovely atmosphere and, above all, Superb French food with a lighter touch…

This unsurpassed dinning experience is complemented by an impressive wine list (predominantly French wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy)

Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Central (Phone: 3196 8888)

Restaurant Petrus

Restaurant Petrus is one of Hong Kong’s best hotel restaurants and an internationally-known French gourmet institution…

The extremely elegant restaurant is located on Shangri-la’s 56th floor and offers breathtaking harbor views that can be competed only by those of Victoria Peak.

Very classic and luxurious design, with perfect table settings, heavy curtains and glittering chandeliers… Tranquil, elegant and romantic atmosphere and, above all, superb French cuisine, complemented by one of Asia’s most impressive wine collections.

Level 56, The Island Shangri-la hotel (Phone: 2820 8590)


Occupying the top floors of luxurious Peninsula hotel, this ultra stylish resto-bar features one of Hong Kong’s most sensational dining experiences, and is an excellent spot to see and to be seen…

The stunning decor was created by internationally known avant-garde designer, Philippe Starck. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall offers unmatched views of Victoria harbor and Hong Kong Island, and the atmosphere is certainly like being at the top of the world…

The menu features a fusion of European classics, contemporary Sushi specialties, seafood and meat dishes… Many people, however, come here only for the bar and the light meals.

28/F, The Peninsula, Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui (Phone: 2315 3188)


This very prestigious restaurant is owned and inspired by the world’s most awarded chef, Alain Ducasse, and it specializes in contemporary French and international cuisine, featuring a unique and innovative dinning concept that gives diners the freedom to mix and match different foods and cooking styles.

Tony Chi’s unique interior design, together with the stunning views of Hong Kong Island, make a perfect set up for a great dining experience, complemented by a superb wine selection of almost 5,000 bottles

Lobby level, InterContinental Hong Kong, Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui (Phone: 2313 2323)

One – thirty one

Located in one of Hong Kong’s most picturesque and romantic spots, tiny One-thirty one restaurant occupies the ground floor of a converted village house, facing the stunning views of Three Fathoms Cove.

The dinning room is designed in an elegant, French country style, with wood parquet, perfect table settings and beamed ceiling. The adorable, panoramic view of the mountains-surrounded bay can be seen through the large French windows, and the food is simply superb.

131 Tseng Tau Village Road, (Phone: 2791 2684)

(You can get there with a taxi from the KCR Station in WU KAI SHA)


Located within the classic Peninsula hotel, this superb restaurant is considered as one of Hong Kong’s best.

The interior design is marvelous and opulent, atmosphere is romantic and pleasant, service is impeccable and live band shows, from time to time, complement the splendid dinning experience.

The ever changing menu features a selection of French-International classics, together with the chef’s own innovative touch… and the desserts are simply to die for.

1st Floor, The Peninsula, Salisbury Road, Tsim sha Tsui (Phone: 2315 3171)


Located at the Royal Garden, this is the Hong Kong outlet of one of Rome’s best known restaurants…

Picturesque, classic design with perfect table settings, chandeliers, heavy curtains and wood ceiling are matching the elegant and relaxed atmosphere and the first-class dinning.

The cuisine is “traditional Roman” and the extensive menu boasts a good selection of authentic Italian favorites, alongside the chef’s own creations… Desserts section is extremely good (the Tiramisu in particular) and the wine list is, naturally, impressive.

3/F, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Rd., Tsim sha Tsui (Phone: 2733 2000)

T’ang Court

Named as one of the world’s best hotel-restaurants by several international magazines, this marvelous award-winning establishment serves world-class Cantonese cuisine in a glamorous environment.

Classic, luxurious interior, with heavy burgundy curtains and well groomed bonsai trees, helps to create a tranquil and elegant atmosphere, and the remarkably good service also contributes its share to an unforgettable dinning experience.

The menu features a wide selection of authentic Cantonese dishes, from exquisite specialties like Shark’s fin, Bird’s nest and Abalone, to scrumptious Dim-sum and other Cantonese fare.

Langham Hotel, 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Phone: 2375 1133)

Shang Palace

Dining at the Shangri-la is always a sensational experience, and Shang Palace is no exception.

The dinning hall is lavishly decorated in an elegant Chinese style, with traditional wood screens, large wall paintings and delicate Chinese pieces of art… Atmosphere is relaxed and elegant, and service is impeccable, as expected from this world-class hotel.

The Daters And Singles Of Houston Do

Dating and singles in Houston, Texas are words matched in heaven. With active dating hot spots and equally active, gorgeous singles, Houston, Texas is indeed the place for love (lust?). Be reminded though that dating on an empty stomach is extremely dangerous. But don’t worry, Houston has the best places for all daters and singles out there. So grab a cowboy and enjoy a Houston night.

Rioja has always been the top choice for the dating and singles in Houston, Texas. After all, nothing is more romantic than a Spanish meal complete with paella and tapas washed down with fine – grade red wine. Plus, Rioja gives off a casual yet elegant vibe for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. However, if you and your date are not one of those dinner and talk types, you can strut your stuff at Sambuca. This top Houston bar offers sleek dining and good music. Six Degree Lounge is the place to see and be seen. What’s more, you’re sure to meet someone here if you’re single or if your date becomes unbearable. Another place where the dating and singles in Houston, Texas troop to is Ibiza, a Mediterranean-inspired resto and bar.

To balance out the guilt from eating all that delicious food, the dating and singles in Houston, Texas can take walks in parks like the Buffalo Bayou and Hermann Park. Another option is to cheer all those calories out by watching a football or hockey game. Dragstrip and racing during week nights is what the Raceway Park is about. To cap off a truly romantic evening, the Equestrian Center has horses for public riding. Not the active type? For an artsy vibe, try Menil Collection and Rothko’s. Make your date a learning experience while looking at exceptional artworks. You could always visit the Alley, Ensemble or Main Street for theater. The UH Theater usually produces fine-calibre shows. Don’t worry that these artsy experiences would cost you a fortune. These have affordable rates or if you’re lucky, they have free admission promos.

If you and you’re date are more pop art, do as others of the dating and singles in Houston, Texas do. Tour Battleship Texas, a restored War ship (it was on WWI and WWII), or join an industrial tour to Budweiser and Imperial Sugar. You get to see and learn a lot; also you get the chance to gauge your date’s IQ factor. Surely, you don’t want to be stuck with a dumb date. With these extensive list of activities, it’s no wonder the dating and singles scene in Houston, Texas is always active.

My Top 10-List of Archeological Places

My Top 10-List of Archeological Places [sites] I’ve been to around the World [*indicates dates I was there] By Dennis L. Siluk

1–The Taj Mahal [in Agra, India]. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is beyond description, especially on a sunny morning with a little dew from the nearby river. A mausoleum, on the banks of the Yamuna River; it took 22-years to build, and 20,000 laborers. The riverfront is most inspiring. And the Town of Agra is worth a visit. There of course is a love story behind this monument, and you will have to seek it out if it interests you. If all I had seen was the Taj Mahal, on my trip to India, it would have been worth the long voyage. [*l997]

2–Giza, or more important, the pyramids of Egypt. We often only see three, but there are four worth ones noticing; the pyramid of Djoser, the oldest of the four pyramids, a stepped pyramid; in the sense of, one layer built over the other. This is northwest, and in the Saqqara site; I personally liked the tomb or pyramid of Cheops, north of Memphis on the plateau of Giza; among the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Sphinx gives the pyramids their mysticism, and even magic I do believe. One could not claim its famous status without the other. [*l998]

3–Borobudur (Largest Buddhist temple in the world ((built 760 AD): of Central Java; made of dark volcanic stone, on a natural mound.This site has square and circular terraces, and a top Stupa. It is almost magical. It stands almost 150-feet high, and its square base is 373 feet each side. Designed by Gunadharma; it does have a calming atmosphere, even more so than the Tor of Glastonbury [or Avalon]. Very few places in the world have this calm effect I do believe; Mary’s house on the hill of Ephesus has, along with a few other locations throughout the world. [*1999]

4–Easter Island [land of the Moai]; the whole island is an outdoor museum. Many things happened when I arrived on this little island in the Pacific. A spirit filled Island if I had ever seen one. Much more than Maui, or even Malta; it is considered the most isolated island in the world. Some of the statues on the island go from 9-tons to 90-tons. And you have a few craters on the island to venture to; but Rapa Nui, the original name for Easter Island, has some 600-statues to look over so rent a jeep. Some of the statues are up to 33-feet tall. They are all about the island. The dogs run free and the horses run free and so do the spirits; and so did I, on this island, annexed by Chile. [*2002]

5–The Great Wall of China. The wall is some 4000-miles long over mountains, deserts and plains. I walked up and along its great walls outside of Beijing, feeling its ancient touch of empire. It was built to keep the barbarians out, some sections date back to 221 BC. Even Genghis Khan crossed over these walls, in 1211 AD. The Ming emperors rebuilt the wall on a larger scale in the 1400s. I loved seeing the Great Walls of Troy, but these took my breath away, they go and go and seem never to stop. Matter-of-fact, it can be seen from outer space. [1996]

6–The Acropolis of Athens; in particular the Parthenon; if I go back to Greece, I would like to see Crete, and Knossos, I’ve left so many places out, I’ll never get to them; but I’ve seen the best of the best; and the Acropolis is the best. After reading Mary Renault’s entire book on Greece–for she was my inspiration to go, I went. And each morning I’d walk down by the Acropolis, eat in a local café, and gaze at the beauty of the Acropolis on the hill. This site dates back 5000-years as far as being inhabited; with its many temples, and a fine museum right on location. [*1995]

7–Macchu Picchu [the Lost City] there is so much to say about this site, one does not know where to start. This is perhaps the last ancient remains of the Inca civilization of the Andes. There are many dates put on this site, and if one looks it over, you have stones from three different periods I believe, dating back to 2500 BC, to 1250 BC, to the 1400s [AD]; the town of Cuzco remains above it, and a beautiful city it is. Macchu Picchu is 70-miles north of Cuzco, at a height of 9,000 feet; most people do not know, Cuzco, the town is higher, 12,000-feet, so bring something to help you adjusting to its height. I suggest oxygen; or see if a hotel has it there. [*l999]

8–The gladiator’s famous home: The Colosseum of Rome. Where gladiatorial played the death game with wild animal hunts; this is the biggest of the Roman amphitheaters. Quite the complex system, with underground passages; you got to go across the street up to a small park, look through the fence to get a good, full picture of it. Or I suppose you could just walk down the street and get all the traffic and other buildings in the picture to. I got to go back and see Pompeii now, a site I’ve longed to see, but I had to see this first. And you can’t help just gazing at it as you walk here and there, it is Rome to me. [*l997]

9–Stonehenge–a few miles from Salisbury, megalith stone giants you could call these earthworks here, or heel stones. This stone circle dates to about 2500–3000 BC. It reminds me of Mystery Hill, in New Hampshire, also called, the Stonehenge of America; but of course, has a more powerful appearance. I get the same haunting feelings from here, as I got from Gaza. As if they were fraternal twins. They are said to come from the same time period. Something tells me both the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge, and even and Mystery Hill, all belong to a later time. If only you could touch it [the stones at Stonehenge], it was fenced off when I was there, but I’ve heard lately, they were taking the fence down; about time; it takes 90% of its magic away. Everyone suffers because of the destructive habits of a few. I went nonetheless, and have to live with 10% of its magic, good enough. [*l998]

10–Angkor Vat [Palaces of the Gods]. Another giant complex: you have within this area, Phnom Bakheng, Angkor Thom [the great city of the Jayavaman VII, inspired by a great Hindu myth], Bayon, Ta Prohm [where trees grow around the ruins, as if they are hugging them]; Ta Som, etcetera. It is a masterpiece of Khmer art and brilliance in building. Surrounded by a huge trench; Angkor Vat, is also spelled Angkor Wat. The food in Cambodia is great, and the people kind. Stick with a guide though. While in Cambodia, I got to go on/in the Mekong River, which was a delight to see, and its fishermen with their nets, and so forth. [2000]

In Spanish
Translated by Nancy Penaloza

Top 10-List of Archeological Places [sites]

Mi lista TOP de los 10 lugares (sitios) Arqueológicos. En el mundo entero en los que he estado [*Indica las fechas que yo estuve allí]

By Dennis Siluk

1-El TAJ Mahal [en Agra, India]. La belleza del TAJ Mahal está fuera de cualquier descripción, especialmente durante una mañana soleada con un pequeño rocío del río cercano. Un mausoleo, sobre los bancos del Río Yamuna; que tomó 22 años y 20,000 trabajadores para construirlo. La orilla es la más inspiradora. Y la Ciudad de Agra vale una visita. Allí desde luego hay una historia de amor detrás de este monumento, y usted tendrá que buscarlo si esto le interesa. Si todo lo que yo hubiera visto fuera el TAJ Mahal, en mi viaje a la India, habría sido valioso el viaje largo. [*l997]

2-Giza, o más importante, las pirámides de Egipto. Nosotros a menudo sólo vemos tres, pero hay cuatro de valor que notamos; la pirámide de Djoser, la más vieja de las cuatro pirámides, una pirámide pasada; en el sentido de, una capa construida sobre la otra. Esto es de noroeste, y en el sitio de Saqqara; personalmente me gustó la tumba o pirámide de Cheops, al norte de Memphis sobre la meseta de Giza; entre las siete maravillas del mundo. La Esfinge da su misticismo a las pirámides, y aún la magia, creo. Uno no podía aclamar su estado famoso sin el otro. [*l998]

3-Borobudur (el templo budista Más grande en el mundo) (construido 760 años antes de Cristo)]: de Java Central. Este sitio tiene terrazas cuadradas y circulares, y una cima estepa. Es casi mágico. Esto permanece a casi 150 pies de alto, y su base cuadrada es 373 pies cada lado. Diseñado por Gunadharma; realmente tiene una atmósfera calmada, entonces, aún más que el Peñasco de Glastonbury [o Avalon]. Muy pocos sitios en el mundo tienen este efecto tranquilo que realmente creo; la casa de María sobre la colina de Efeso lo tiene, (junto a otras pocas localidades en todo el mundo); hecho de piedra oscura volcánica, sobre un montón natural. [*1999]

4-Isla de Pascua [tierra del Moai]; La isla entera es un museo exterior. Muchas cosas pasaron cuando llegué a esta pequeña isla en el Océano Pacífico. Un espíritu llenó la Isla como si yo alguna vez lo hubiera visto. Mucho más que Maui, o aún Malta; es considerado la isla más aislada en el mundo. Algunas estatuas en las islas van de 9 toneladas a 90 toneladas. Y usted tiene unos cráteres en la isla para aventurarse; pero Rapa Nui, el nombre original para Isla de Pascua, tiene algunas 600 estatuas para revisar, alquilando entonces un jeep. Algunas estatuas están sobre 33 pies de altura. Y ensucian la ciudad los perros y los caballos que corren libres y lo mismo hacen los espíritus; y yo también . La isla esta anexada a Chile. [*2002]

5- La Gran Muralla China. La pared es de aproximadamente 4000 millas de largo sobre las montañas, desierto y llano. Me acerqué y a lo largo de sus grandes paredes fuera de Beijing, sintiendo su antiguo toque de Imperio. Fue construido para mantener a los Bárbaros fuera, algunas secciones remontan a 221 AC. Incluso Genghis khan atravesó sobre estas paredes, en 1211 antes de cristo. Los emperadores de Ming reconstruyeron la pared en una escala más grande en los años 1400. Me gustó ver las Grandes Paredes de Troya, pero estos se llevaron mi aliento, ellos van y van y parecen nunca no pararse. Normal, puede ser visto del espacio exterior. [1996]

6 – la Acrópolis de Atenas; en particular el Partenón; si vuelvo a Grecia, tendré el gusto de ver Creta, y Knossos, he dejado fuera tantos sitios, nunca los conseguiré; pero he visto lo mejor de lo mejor; y la Acrópolis es lo mejor. Después de leer a Mary Renault todo el libro sobre Grecia – Ya que ella fue mi inspiración para ir, yo fui. Y cada mañana yo tuve que caminar abajo por la Acrópolis, comer en un café local, y dar una mirada fija a la belleza de la Acrópolis sobre la colina. Este sitio remonta de 5000 años tan lejos como siendo habitado; con sus muchos templos, y un excelente museo directamente sobre ubicación. [*1995]

7-Macchu Picchu [la Ciudad Perdida] Hay tanto para decir sobre este sitio, uno no sabe donde comenzar. Estos son los restos de quizás el último poder, de la civilización inca de los Andes. Hay muchas fechas puestas en este sitio, y si uno lo mira, usted tiene piedras de tres períodos diferentes, creo, remontando a 2500 AC, a 1250 AC, a los años 1400 [antes de cristo]; la ciudad de Cuzco permanece encima de ello, y es una ciudad hermosa. Macchu Picchu esta a 70 millas al norte de Cuzco, en una altura de 9,000 pies; la mayoría de la gente no conoce, Cuzco, la ciudad es más alta, 12,000 pies, por los tanto traiga algo para ayudarse a adaptarse a su altura. Sugiero el oxígeno; o ver si un hotel lo tiene. [*l999]

8 – La Casa Famosa Del Gladiador: El Coliseo de Roma. Donde los gladiadores jugaban el juego de muerte con animales salvajes cazados; este es el más grande de los anfiteatros romanos. Casi el sistema complejo, con pasajes subterráneos; usted tiene que ir a través de la calle hasta un pequeño parque, mirar por las rejas para conseguir una imagen buena de ello. O lo supongo solo podría caminar abajo la calle y conseguir todo el tráfico y otros edificios para la imagen. Conseguí volver y ver Pompeya ahora, un sitio que he tenido muchas ganas de ver, pero tuve que ver esto primero. Y usted no puede ayudar solamente mirando fijamente en ello mientras usted anda aquí y allí, esto es Roma para mí. [*l997]

9-Stonehenge-a pocas millas de Salisbury, megalito piedras gigantes que usted podría llamar estos trabajos de tierra aquí, o piedras de talón. Este círculo de piedra remonta aproximadamente 2500-3000 AC. Esto me recuerda de Colina de Misterio, en New Hampshire, también llamado, el Stonehenge de América; pero desde luego, tiene un aspecto más poderoso. Conseguí los mismos sentimientos atormentados desde aquí, que los que conseguí en la Gaza. Como si ellos fueran gemelos fraternales. Ellos, como se dice, vienen del mismo período de tiempo. Algo me dice que ambas pirámides de Egipto y Stonehenge, y aún la Colina de Misterio, todos pertenecen a un tiempo posterior. Si sólo usted pudiera tocarlo [las piedras en Stonehenge], fueron separados con una cerca, cuando yo estaba allí, pero me enteré últimamente, ellos bajaban la valla; algunas veces; esto llevaba al 90 % de su magia. Cada uno sufre debido a los hábitos destructivos de unos cuantos. Fui sin embargo, y tengo que vivir con el 10 % de su magia, bastante bien. [*l998]

10-Angkor Vat [Palacios de los Dioses]. Otro complejo gigantesco: usted tiene dentro de este área, Phnom Bakheng, Angkor Thom [la gran ciudad de Jayavaman VII, inspirado por un gran mito hindú], Bayon, Ta Prohm [donde los árboles crecen alrededor de las ruinas, como si ellos los abrazaran]; Ta Som, etcétera. Esto es una obra maestra de arte Khmer y esplendor en el edificio rodeado por enormes zanjas; Angkor Vat, también es deletreado Angkor Wat. La comida en Camboya es buena, y la amabilidad de la gente. Pegado como una guía pienso. Mientras en Camboya, conseguí continuar / en el Río Mekong, el cual era un placer ver, y sus pescadores con sus redes, etcétera, etcétera. [*2000]

Reasons Why I Love the Fort Global City

There are hundred and one reasons why I absolutely love The Fort Global City. From the finest restaurants to cheap treats food stalls. From the hottest bars to lovely hang outs. But let me just list down the top five reasons why I do so.

o #5 – Three-wheeled E3 Vehicle

While everybody else are used to ride the ever famous tricycle (well, at least here at the Philippines), people that work or going from one place to another inside the Global City are using this as one of their transportation aside from The Fort Bus. This vehicle is very convenient for you’ll be able to see them everywhere inside the areas of place. Plus it is really enjoying especially for the first timers. Why? Aside from its multi-colored exterior, the fare is unbelievably economical and the engine is eco-friendly (It is battery operated and does not require fuel.). No wonder the place is very relaxing and pleasant, maybe because they’re supporting this environment friendly vehicles.

o #4 – S & R Grocery

I am really into eating BIG treats and I love how New York Pizza and Burger offer big and chunky chows. I must say, their pizza, calzone and burgers are the best! I love bottomless drinks and good thing they have it there. For just paying a cup you will be able to have variety of drinks (Imagine filling up your cup with slurpee and fill it up with another flavor after finishing the first one, nice!). The downside is that the grocery requires a membership card so you would be able to get in.

o #3 – Serendra

I am not born with silver spoon in my mouth, yes I do not own a unit nor knows anyone living in there. But, there are lots of things to enjoy at Serendra like the fine dining restos, most especially Conti’s pastries (mmmm…turtle pie!). The fountains are a big plus attraction for everyone.

o #2 – Market! Market!

I am really into dirt-cheap clothes and shoes and a big SALE aficionado. In the past, I am really brand conscious but who wouldn’t adjust their lifestyles during recession days? This is where I usually bought tank tops and vintage tees. Plus, you would be able to find a lot of A&F, Roxy and Hollister overruns, of course at low prices!

o #1 – Bonifacio High Street

Aside from the high range price stores in High Street, one thing that everybody would absolutely love here is the environment. Many photography enthusiasts are going there along with their tripod and handy SLRs. The developers of the place offer different ways of shopping here in High Street. We usually go to malls that are fully air-conditioned, but here in High Street they let you feel like you’re shopping at the same time strolling along the park. Many appreciate the place at night, for it showcases fancy lights. During Christmas season there are figures that lights up (remember the big bear?).

Top Restaurants

The Best Lechon at Rico’s Lechon

Located at Highway 77, Talamban in Cebu City is Rico’s Lechon, a restaurant where you’ll find the best-tasting, most flavorful lechon (roasted pig) in the country.

It’s so good, it’s known to be ordered, flown and enjoyed in Manila by its rich and moneyed residents. This surprises no one because this whole pig is roasted slowly over an even spread of open charcoal to ensure it comes out completely golden brown when done. Its glistening skin is fantastically crispy people nearby hear the crunch when you bite it.

Lechon Cebu at Rico’s Lechon is prepared using green onions, local salt harnessed from the sea, organic lemon grass, peppers and other home grown herbs and spices which gives it a full flavor in itself requiring no sauce or dip unlike with the traditional Filipino lechon.

Crispy Pata at Alejandro’s Filipino Resto

It is bruited about as the most popular, most delicious Crispy Pata (Deep-fried Pig’s thigh) in the whole of Cebu. It must be. Alejandro’s at the Century Plaza Commercial center on Juana Osmeña Street, after all, has been serving this and satisfying customers for the last 20 years. There’s no denying its amazing flavor and taste. It’s crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft as cotton on the inside, it almost melts in your mouth.

Tuna Panga at STK Ta Bai at Paolito’s Seafood House

While it serves various types of seafood dishes, Paolito’s Seafood House on Orchid Street in Cebu is really famous for its Tuna Panga (Grilled Tuna jaw). It’s served straight from the charcoal pit still steaming and deliciously smelling of its special herbs and spices with which it is prepared. It’s a gastronomic delight you shouldn’t miss when in Cebu. Adding to the enjoyment of the restaurant’s culinary array is its sort of vintage ambience coming out from this once-upon-a-time ancestral home turned into a favorite eating place.