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Creating an Experience That Sells

My friends Mary and Elias drove me down from the Cloud forest mountain town of Monte Verde to the Pacific coast here in Costa Rica and they insisted we stop in the beach town of Manuel Antonio.

I feel in love with this place immediately!

I also fell for an experience that I want to share with you because it is a classic teaching example on how you can “create an experience that sells” and attract more clients to your business.

Half way to the beach we drove past a restaurant called “El Avion” with, you guessed it… an AIRPLANE in it! Ouuuuu how curious that made me, I wanted to go and check it out.

The restaurant sat a top the mountainside with a sweeping view of the blue, blue ocean. I invited my friends to stop for lunch there. Now this is a pretty tourist town with at least 100 resto’s to chose from, but it was the airplane restaurant that won our wallet that day.

The food was alright, nothing extravagant really except the prices!

And here in lies the lesson… this restaurant beautifully “created an experience that sells” and was able to CHARGE MORE for that experience. Same food you can get anywhere else really but the EXPERIENCE is what let’s them get away with charging more for it. AND to tell you the truth I was MORE than happy to pay for that experience.

• 1- They piqued my curiosity with an airplane, I just HAD to see it!
• 2- Offered a once in a lifetime experience of having lunch overlooking this sweeping gorgeous view of the ocean.

In truth we decided to eat there just for the experience of being able to overlook the ocean while we ate, the airplane was what drew us in.
So I hope this story illustrates the key teaching points on how you can create an experience that sells.

How can you illicit CURIOSITY from your potential clients?

Perhaps it is a special sale that you offer, a bold statement about a promise only YOU can deliver, something for FREE that is really, really juicy, or a story about something wild and new.

The saying goes – curiosity killed the cat!

How can you create a “once in a lifetime” experience for your client? What kind of products and services can you deliver or OVER deliver on value so that they feel blown away or awed and “special”.

Everyone LOVES to feel special!

The restaurant was also perfectly set up in the flow of day in and day out traffic of it’s ideal clients – tourists with money to spend on having “the once in a lifetime experience” to go home and show off about”. Hence ahem… my photo’s.

You see it isn’t the PRICE of something that sells it’s the EXPERIENCE.

So… what kind of experience are you selling? What stories are you sharing with your clients? What messages does your business speak to your clients?

I leave you with some thoughts to ponder from sunny Costa Rica! And if you want to read a fabulous book on the art of persuasion I highly recommend a book by Robert Cialdini called the “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” very interesting read.

Backpacking Information on East Timor

  • Population: 857,000 (UN, 2005)
  • Capital: Dili
  • Area: 14,609 sq km (5,641 sq miles)
  • Major languages: Tetum and Portuguese (official), Indonesian and English (working languages)
  • Major religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 56 years (women), 54 years (men) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: 1 US dollar = 100 cents

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is one of a few countries who have not always had it easy, and to this moment still remains shaky. Overshadowed by the repute of neighbouring countries, Timor-Leste neither suffers nor benefits from the international media, and with a freshly self-determined nation and underdeveloped tourism industry, the new republic has a rocky but bright road ahead. East Timor is the first new sovereign state of the 21st century. After having been assaulted with violence and control by Indonesia for almost a quarter of a century, Timor-Leste has definitely seen better days.

What remains hidden to the world’s eyes is East Timor’s rich cultural heritage from tens of thousands of years of civilizations and culture, enriched and given more depth and flavour by 4 centuries of Portuguese colonial occupation. The Land of Discovery, Timore-Leste just 400 miles to the north of Australia, is an inviting peace of secretive mystery with lots of treasures in store on land and sea. Instituted as a nation just of late in 2002, the people struggle with a lower than middle income economy with billions of oil dollars in the bank that have not been mostly utilized and disseminated to rebuild it.

Within decades of resistance from Indonesian military, slaughter of a third of the population is one of the worst brutalities that nearly wiped out a nation the world has seen in the 20th century. True, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But the real story is how splendid and refreshing an escape Timor-Leste is now because it is a land too far out, too far gone.


Timor-Leste (8 50 S, 125 55 E) is the largest of the Lesser Sunda Islands with an area of 14,874 km2. The terrain is basically mountainous, especially to the north and east. The Paitchu Rnage and Iralalaro are easternmost, the latter being possibly the last of tropical dry forest within the country home to extraordinary flora and fauna and top priority for conservation. The north coast features abundant coral reef systems. The highest mountain is the Tatamailau with an altitude of 2,963 metres above sea level. The lowest point is the Timor Sea that separates Australia from the country. It is rich in petroleum, natural gas, and gold.


The climate in these parts is tropical with a mean temperature of a roasting 30 °C, quite like the countries nearby with 2 seasons of hot and wet, but the pattern is rather screwed up. The hot and dry season is through the months of June to October, what is to most SEA countries the rainy season, and the wet and rainy season is from November through May. The onslaught to nature of a slash and burn agriculture does very little comfort in the heat or the flooding.


But as a nation of a people with a deep sense of community, always helping each other one out in times such calamities strike, the Timorese are the country’s real treasures. It is that one place where you’ll enjoy more the company of locals than the place itself. And East Timor has a population of 1,131,612, that’s a million times the hospitality and smiles. Back then, journalists are not welcome in Timor-Leste, but the tiny nation is slowly but surely opening up to the world and tourism.


East Timor is also one of just two nations in the South East that are predominantly Christian (Roman Catholic, 97% and Protestant, 1%), the other being the Philippines. On the other hand, Muslims constitute 1% of the population, Hindus, 0.5%, and Buddhists, 0.1%. The Timorese are mostly Austronesians and Papuans, while a small enclave of Chinese form the minority. Christianity unfortunately is one of the main catalysts to violence of Indonesian Muslims toward the Timorese such as the mass murder of 1999 in Suhai and kidnapping of thousands of children in 2002 to indoctrinate Islam.


TETUM, an Austronesian language, and PORTUGUESE are the two official languages of the state. At present, there are more than 25% of Timorese and growing proficient in Portuguese for purposes of communicating with the world outside. The form more widely used is Tetun-Dili, apparently the Tetum learned by Portuguese colonizers in DIli which has evolved to have immense Portuguese influence. ENGLISH and INDONESIAN are considered as trade languages, significant as vehicles to business, education, and foreign matters. As a sum, there are around 16 indigenous languages spoken all over the island.


Indeed Timor-Leste is a small land with big offerings. With its sort of reversed climate, this country makes a great getaway when all else in Asia is cloudy and wet. Even with a backtracked but budding tourist infrastructure, there’s just enough magic and beauty to compensate for the butt-painful road travel especially for the adventurous, without undue travail. Timor-Leste is an underground paradise, an underwater surprise teeming with an eclectic range of marine life and pristine coral reefs.

First off, there is Dili where the country’s best beaches are in holed up, much like the ghost pipe fish, leaf scorpion fish, and angler fish. In the North Coast, on the other hand, from Tutuala to Liquisa to the west, are superior shore-diving in the world with reefs plotted as near to the shore as possible 10 metres near like Bubble Beach where marine life is rare like barracudas, octopuses, and critters. Atauro Island, however, is a snorkelling hotspot, no doubt. Same and Ermera’s large coffee plantations are also worth the visit.

To the east of the country is the Nino Konis National Park-one of the last surviving tropical lowland rainforests in the world where the traveller can go trekking, diving, and bird-watching (Timor Bush Warbler-distinct endemic bird species). The park has been well protected in part to the country’s ECOTOURISM agenda with its rich coastal environment. In Timor-Leste, a tenner a day is beyond a possibility.


To most outsiders, Timorese cuisine is a blank page, and there is some truth to it. With an economy and agriculture that’s way far from developed to sustain and supply an entire nation, and almost half the population below the poverty line, food to the Timorese is mostly consumed to get by. Nonetheless, the most innovative creative cuisines come from the ingenuity of a group of people who have close to nothing. Rice is a staple but in the absence of, there are sweet potatoes, cassava, taro and corn. There isn’t much insight to a national dish as of yet, but the common Timorese meal is one with rice, meat, and spices, closely resembling Indonesian cuisines of “rice and spice”. There are Western foods served in restos and cafes in the urban Timor for the more affluent foreigners who live and work there.

Timorese gastronome is an amazing fusion of Malay/Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese influences. Fish, specifically fried fish, is among the most popular dishes here the cuisine of fish termed as pepes, while curries, like chicken recipes, are a famed fave, but Indonesian food is very close to the Timorese’ heart and stomachs if not for proximity and influence. Fresh dessert is characteristically Timorese which could be anything from bananas, mangoes, papayas, and watermelons. Fruits can be eaten during or after the meal because dessert per se is not a culinary concept in Timor-Leste. Dessert can also mean snack like pudim de coco or the Portuguese custard tart creme caramel. And they eat dog too, sometimes. Nowhere has the saying “danger is what makes life worth living” been more true than Timor-Leste where people are not shy of optimism and forgiveness.

Memorably Romantic Date

Make a good impression. Before asking your lady love out, plan your date carefully. Ask around about romantic date ideas that worked for them and visualize what would happen if you did the same (for a specific situation). You may have noticed that dating ideas that work are those that don’t seem contrived, that appear natural. If you have dated your intended more than once, you may already be aware of what she likes or dislikes. On the other hand if you don’t, make sure to do your research and learn as much as you can about her that you can use when setting up your date. What details would be helpful when selecting from romantic date ideas? These include: her favourite colour, flowers, brand of chocolates, restaurant and interests.

After knowing the answers to these basic questions that you can get from people close to her or from personal observations, you are then ready to choose from those relevant dating ideas. Knowledge is power. Below are some dating ideas you can apply and customize, based on what you have learned from your research.

Book a Romantic Dinner for Two in a Posh Resto

Well-meaning friends will advise you to take her out and get to know her better. If your lady love likes Italian cuisine, choose a restaurant serving Italian food. Pre-book a table for two in a posh restaurant. Impress her with your gentlemanly ways by pulling out a chair for her, ordering the food she is particular with and openly sharing / listening to meaningful conversations.

Sing Her a Song

Serenading continues to be in the top list of many romantic date ideas. If you have the voice, say what you will with music. A well-rendered song or a soulful song sets the mood. If she wants to hear you sing, do sing. Put a smile on her face and yearning in her eyes.

Write Her a Poem or Letter

Dating ideas that appeal to one may not appeal to another. An introvert may not be as verbally expressive in showing he cares compared to a person with the gift of gab. You can say what you want in a letter. Pour out your feelings in a poem or letter that comes straight from the heart.

Give Her Your College Ring to Show Commitment

Offered and taken tokens are tres romantique! You can give your college ring or other item showing commitment.

Recommendations From the Best Online Diets

Let’s go ahead and get the juicy details on 3 things the best online diets recommend:

1. Leave off the sauces. – Yup, I know this is one hard thing to do and tough to resist as I can only imagine. You might want to think of sauces and their counterparts (gravies, toppings, grated cheese and dressings) as globs of fat that are placed over otherwise nutritious foods. Well, if you really thought about it, in many cases they are precisely that. Lets take a baked potato for example. Taken by itself it has relatively few calories and high fiber content. Add rich toppings to it however, and the calorie count will most definitely soar.

2. Eat small meals regularly. – Frequent eating is actually a good rule to follow and most of the best online diets are in favor of it. As long as the quantity is small each time you eat, its actually more helpful than harmful. This is because hunger is never allowed to build to the “breaking point” – where you can no longer take it and dive in to every delectable treat in the fridge or in the fast food restos on your way from work. Also, blood sugar levels are maintained at an even level and this can result in the elimination of hunger signals and produce a more steady level of energy.

3. Avoid fad diets. – Clearly one common personality of the best online diets is they discourage fad diets. You may have an idea of what I’m referring to. Some examples are grapefruit, liquid protein, lettuce and cottage cheese, all fruit or all vegetables, and absolutely no carbs, sugar or salt. Do you know what all these diets have in common? Zero balance. These kinds of fad diets only work in the short term because they lower calorie intake. But you see, over the long haul, they can deplete the body of important nutrients and throw your system way out of balance.

Three Shopping Malls in Makati For Tourists

The biggest and the best malls in the whole Philippines are within its financial and economic capital, Makati City. And today we will discover the top 3 shopping malls in Makati and what it offers to anyone who wants to visit them.

Glorietta – The top in our list is Glorietta Malls. The main reason why it is in the top of our list is because in Glorietta, everything you need is within your reach. It is composed of 4 malls that are interconnected and the fifth one is detached from the 4 other malls but is just within walking distance from the other. Everything you want; from clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, to everything you need like foods, fresh produce, and others is all right here. It is also a famous tourist destination because of the many US restos and café that have their branches here like HardRock Café. Glorietta is also near MRT or Mass Rail Transit which is a more convenient way to go around Metro Manila. It is also a prime place for businesses and condominiums. One reviewer said that if there is a theme song for Glorietta Malls, it would be “Almost Paradise”.

Greenbelt – if you want to escape the bustling and heat of the Metro, then Greenbelt is the place where you can hang out. Like Glorietta, Greenbelt is composed of 5 sections which are also situated in Ayala Center, Makati City. It is also adjacent to Glorietta and SM Malls. If you are on a food trip, there are almost an unlimited number of restaurants that you can choose from Greenbelt 1-5. If you prefer to eat fast foods, then you should roam around Greenbelt 1 because most of the fast food chains are concentrated in that section of Greenbelt. But if you want to eat in sit down restaurants, then you can go to Greenbelt 2-5.

Power Plant Mall – this is considered as one of the “poshest” mall in Makati. If you are looking for branded names in fashion, this is where you must visit. They have restaurants, shopping spaces, and cinemas where you can relax after shopping. It is also less crowded here compared to Glorietta and Greenbelt Malls. They also hold events for children on holidays and special occasions.