Reasons Why I Love the Fort Global City

There are hundred and one reasons why I absolutely love The Fort Global City. From the finest restaurants to cheap treats food stalls. From the hottest bars to lovely hang outs. But let me just list down the top five reasons why I do so.

o #5 – Three-wheeled E3 Vehicle

While everybody else are used to ride the ever famous tricycle (well, at least here at the Philippines), people that work or going from one place to another inside the Global City are using this as one of their transportation aside from The Fort Bus. This vehicle is very convenient for you’ll be able to see them everywhere inside the areas of place. Plus it is really enjoying especially for the first timers. Why? Aside from its multi-colored exterior, the fare is unbelievably economical and the engine is eco-friendly (It is battery operated and does not require fuel.). No wonder the place is very relaxing and pleasant, maybe because they’re supporting this environment friendly vehicles.

o #4 – S & R Grocery

I am really into eating BIG treats and I love how New York Pizza and Burger offer big and chunky chows. I must say, their pizza, calzone and burgers are the best! I love bottomless drinks and good thing they have it there. For just paying a cup you will be able to have variety of drinks (Imagine filling up your cup with slurpee and fill it up with another flavor after finishing the first one, nice!). The downside is that the grocery requires a membership card so you would be able to get in.

o #3 – Serendra

I am not born with silver spoon in my mouth, yes I do not own a unit nor knows anyone living in there. But, there are lots of things to enjoy at Serendra like the fine dining restos, most especially Conti’s pastries (mmmm…turtle pie!). The fountains are a big plus attraction for everyone.

o #2 – Market! Market!

I am really into dirt-cheap clothes and shoes and a big SALE aficionado. In the past, I am really brand conscious but who wouldn’t adjust their lifestyles during recession days? This is where I usually bought tank tops and vintage tees. Plus, you would be able to find a lot of A&F, Roxy and Hollister overruns, of course at low prices!

o #1 – Bonifacio High Street

Aside from the high range price stores in High Street, one thing that everybody would absolutely love here is the environment. Many photography enthusiasts are going there along with their tripod and handy SLRs. The developers of the place offer different ways of shopping here in High Street. We usually go to malls that are fully air-conditioned, but here in High Street they let you feel like you’re shopping at the same time strolling along the park. Many appreciate the place at night, for it showcases fancy lights. During Christmas season there are figures that lights up (remember the big bear?).